Thursday, April 28, 2016

Gold Actor heads field for 2016 Tenno Sho Spring

Gold Actor, who has won last five outings including the grade one Arima Kinen, heads a field of 18 entered for the Tenno Sho Spring at Kyoto Racecourse. Regular rider Hayato Yoshida will mount on him to break from post 17.

The main opponents to Gold Actor are likely to: Kitasan Black, winner of last year's Kikuka Sho; Hanshin Daishoten winner Cheval Grand; Sounds of Earth, who nearly missed winning the big race in several occasions  and Fame Game, runner-up in this race last year.

The post time for the 3,200-meter marathon race will be at  3:40 p.m. JST on Sunday, May 1.

The field in post position order with riders is:

1 Kitasan Black, Yutaka Take
2 Twinkle, Masaki Katsuura
3 Curren Mirotic, Kenichi Ikezoe
4 Tosen Reve, Koshiro Take
5 Fame Game, Hugh Bowman
6 Admire Deus, Yasunari Iwata
7 Fata Morgana, Hiroyuki Uchida
8 Cheval Grand, Yuichi Fukunaga
9 Toho Jackal, Manabu Sakai
10 Albert, Christophe Lemaire
11 Tanta Alegria, Masayoshi Ebina
12 Yamanin Voielactee, Genki Maruyama
13 Meiner Medalist, Daichi Shibata
14 Satono Noblesse, Ryuji Wada
15 Sounds of Earth, Yusuke Fujioka
16 Phantom Light, Kosei Miura
17 Gold Actor, Hayato Yoshida
18 Reve Mistral, Yuga Kawada
All starters carry 58 kgs.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Flashback: 2000 Tenno Sho Spring

April 30, 2000
The 121st running of the Tenno Sho Spring

T.M.Opera O brilliant triumps the Tenno Sho(Spring)
T.M.Opera O showed a superb final stretchrun in beating Rascal Suzuka by a 3/4-length in the Tennosho/Emperor's Cup(Spring) at Kyoto Racecourse also known as "Yodo". A 3/4-length behind Rascal Suzuka, Narita Top Road settled in third place. In his 12th run on the grade one races, Stay Gold was fourth with Hokkai Rousseau fifth. 
The 4-year-old T.M.Opera O, a son of Opera House, proved himself the best long-distance runner in the country. The victory was his third straight win this year, remaining his undefeated season of 3 for 3. For jockey Ryuji Wada and trainer Ichizo Iwamoto, it was the first Tennosho victory.

12 starters went to the post for the traditional race for 3,200-meter. Tamamo Inazuma led the field in the early stage, clocking the opening 1,000-meter and 2,000-meter in 1:00 9/10 
and 2:06 8/10 respectively. A big pack of the 12 runners formed before going down the slope at the far turn for the second time. Favorite T.M.Opera O with third pick Rascal Suzuka tailing on him advanced to a position close to the front runners. While, second pick Narita Top Road, making an early spurt in the same way that he was successful in the Kikuka Sho last November, was in second place turning into the stretch. With Leo Ryuho fading, Narita Top Road and T.M.Opera O took command and dueled for a short time until Wada sent his colt T.M.Opera O into a lead with less than 200-meter to go. Narita Top Road with K.Watanabe on him tried to track the new leader, but Y.Take's Rascal Suzuka, challenging them late on the outside, took the second place from Narita Top Road near the finish line.The thrilling finish between the three, who were separated by one and a half lengths, was witnessed by the attendance of more than 96,000 people. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

2016 Tenno Sho Spring Nominations

A total of 19 horses have been nominated for the Tenno Sho Spring to be run on May 1 at Kyoto as follows.

Admire Deus
Curren Mirotic
Kitasan Black
Gold Actor
Sounds of Earth
Satono Noblesse
Cheval Grand
Tanta Alegria
Tosen Reve
Toho Jackal
Fata Morgana
Phantom Light
Fame Game
Meiner Medalist
Madrid Cafe
Yamanin Voielactee
Reve Mistral
(in random order)

Data analysis
Favorites have a poor record in the last ten years. 2006 winner Deep Impact was the only favorite winner in the last decade. The longest priced winner in the last 10 years was Beat Black in 2012, who paid 15,960 yen for win as 14th favorite. During the same period, 7-year-olds or older horses have not won.
Horses who have previously raced the Tenno Sho Spring or raced the Kikuka Sho have a good record.  

Monday, April 25, 2016

Kyoto Racecourse

KYOTO Racecourse
Course address: 
32 Yoshijima Watashibashima-machi Fushimi-ku Kyoto
A 5-minute walk from Yodo Station on Keihan Line. A 20-minute bus ride from JRA Yamazaki Station.
Course description: 
The inner main turf circuit is an oval of 1,782.8 meters in length, run right-handed. The width is between 27 meters and 38 meters. The run-in is 328.4 meters. There is a hill around the third turn. The outer main turf circuit is an oval of 1,894.3 meters in length and the home stretch to the finish line lengthened to 403.7 meters. The dirt course is an inside oval of 1,608 meters.
Kyoto Racecourse is the home of the Tenno Sho Spring and the Kikuka Sho.

2016 Meetings: 39 days

Tenno Sho Spring

Grade one
4-year-olds and upwards
weight: 58 kgs, fillies or mares allowed 2 kgs
3,200-meter turf
Kyoto Racecourse

Brief History
The Tenno Sho Spring(so called in 1948 for the first time) was inaugurated in 1938 at Hanshin over 2,700 meters and  was run over 3,200 meters for the first time the following year.
Kyoto Racecourse hosted the race for the first time in 1944. 
War caused the race to be suspended in 1945 and 1946.
The race was run under the name of Heiwa Sho in 1947.
As grading system began in 1984, the Tenno Sho Spring was graded as a grade one race.
NAR horses can participated in the race in 1995.
The door was open to a limited number of foreign-bred horses in 2000.
The door was open to a limited number of foreign-trained horses in 2005.

The Tenno Sho(Emperor’s Cup) is a biannual race, taking place in Spring at Kyoto and Autumn at Tokyo. The traditional Spring edition is the biggest and important race for routers.