Tuesday, May 22, 2007

2007 Japanese Derby

25 horses remained in the 2007 Tokyo Yushun(known as the Japanese Derby) after the final nomination stage. A maximum field of the Derby is 18.

Brief history
This classic's first six runs were known as the Tokyo Yushun Daikyoso. For the first time in 1938, the race was called as the Tokyo Yushun Kyoso and continued that name until 1947. It was carried out under the name of the Yushun Kyoso in 1948 and 1949. In the following year, the race name was changed again to the Tokyo Yushun. The first two runs were held at Meguro Racecourse(which no longer exists).
The Derby, frequently called the racing festival, has been the greatest of all races and established as the biggest race for 3-year-olds since the first run in 1932. It is the most glory and honor for any racing person to have a Derby winner. The Japanese Derby is combined with the Satsuki Sho and Kikuka Sho to complete the Triple Crown Races.


Anonymous said...

Hi there...just wondered if you knew of any names that were being mentioned as likely runners in the Melbourne Cup this year?

Steve [Australia]

Ron said...

It's nice to see a horse racing blog from Japan. I only follow the bigger races at tracks outside the U.S., but it's nice to have a resource for Japan racing to look to for some guidance.

starsfaraway said...

Hi, Steve

Some newspapers reported that Delta Blues and Pop Rock may return to the Melbourne Cup.

Hi, Ron
Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info starsfaraway, look forward to seeing how Pop Rock goes in the Meguro Kinen. cheers Steve