Monday, April 25, 2016

Kyoto Racecourse

KYOTO Racecourse
Course address: 
32 Yoshijima Watashibashima-machi Fushimi-ku Kyoto
A 5-minute walk from Yodo Station on Keihan Line. A 20-minute bus ride from JRA Yamazaki Station.
Course description: 
The inner main turf circuit is an oval of 1,782.8 meters in length, run right-handed. The width is between 27 meters and 38 meters. The run-in is 328.4 meters. There is a hill around the third turn. The outer main turf circuit is an oval of 1,894.3 meters in length and the home stretch to the finish line lengthened to 403.7 meters. The dirt course is an inside oval of 1,608 meters.
Kyoto Racecourse is the home of the Tenno Sho Spring and the Kikuka Sho.

2016 Meetings: 39 days

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