Monday, April 25, 2016

Tenno Sho Spring

Grade one
4-year-olds and upwards
weight: 58 kgs, fillies or mares allowed 2 kgs
3,200-meter turf
Kyoto Racecourse

Brief History
The Tenno Sho Spring(so called in 1948 for the first time) was inaugurated in 1938 at Hanshin over 2,700 meters and  was run over 3,200 meters for the first time the following year.
Kyoto Racecourse hosted the race for the first time in 1944. 
War caused the race to be suspended in 1945 and 1946.
The race was run under the name of Heiwa Sho in 1947.
As grading system began in 1984, the Tenno Sho Spring was graded as a grade one race.
NAR horses can participated in the race in 1995.
The door was open to a limited number of foreign-bred horses in 2000.
The door was open to a limited number of foreign-trained horses in 2005.

The Tenno Sho(Emperor’s Cup) is a biannual race, taking place in Spring at Kyoto and Autumn at Tokyo. The traditional Spring edition is the biggest and important race for routers.

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