Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Japanese Derby

Tokyo Yushun(known as the Japanese Derby)
The Japanese Derby, frequently called as the racing festival, has been the greatest of all races and established as the biggest race for 3-year-olds since the first run in 1932. It is the most glory and honor for any racing person to have a Derby winner. The Derby, the second leg of the Triple Crown Races for 3-year-olds, is combined with the Satsuki Sho and Kikuka Sho to complete the Triple Crown Races.

Major prep races: Satsuki Sho, Aoba Sho, Principal Stakes

Brief History
The Japanese Derby was first run as the Tokyo Yushun Daikyoso, going 2,400 meters in 1932 at Meguro Racecourse, where does no longer exist. For the first time in 1938, the race was called as the Tokyo Yushun Kyouso and continued that name until 1947. This classic race was abandoned due to war in 1945. The race resumed in 1947. It was carried out unde the name of the Yushun Kyoso in 1948 and 1949. The race name was changed again to the Tokyo Yushun Kyouso the following year.
In the 1950, the race was run under the name of the Tokyo Yushun.
As the grading system began in 1984, the Tokyo Yushun was graded as a grade one.
The door was open to NAR horses in 1995. The door was open to a limited number of foreign-bred horses. In 2010, the Japanese Derby gained an international status and foreign horses can run in this event. 

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