Monday, June 26, 2017

2017 NAR Teio Sho

A total of 16 horses have been entered for the NAR grade one Teio Sho for 4-year-olds and upwards at Ohi.
JRA entries are Awardee(USA), K T Brave, Apollo Kentucky(USA), All Brush, Chrysolite, Gold Dream and Sound True.

Post position
1-Major Athlete, 8h, Tetsuya Takahashi
2-Awardee(USA), 7h, Yutaka Take
3-K T Brave, 4c, Yuichi Fukunaga
4-Mikki Hennessy, 8h, Jyukiya Takigawa
5-Graceful Days, 7g, Minoru Miyagawa
6-Apollo Kentucky(USA), 5h, Hiroyuki Uchida
7-All Brush, 5h, Christophe Lemaire
8-Umanojo, 4c, Toshiya Yamamoto
9-Meisho Soleil, 7h, Shoya Hozono
10-Chrysolite, 7h, Keita Tosaki
11-Gold Dream, 4c, Mirco Demuro
12-Tamamo Navy, 6h, Kenichi Shigeta
13-Sand Platina, 4c, Takayuki Yano
14-Wagenseil, 9g, Kosei Akimoto
15-Sound True, 7g, Takuya Ono
16-Preiolas, 8h, Shuji Akaoka
All starters carry 57 kgs.

The Teio Sho will be run on Wednesday, June 28 at Ohi dirt track over 1,600 meters.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Satono Crown triumphs Takarazuka

Having finished sixth place in the Osaka Hai, Satono Crown came back on a great performance as he won the Takarazuka Kinen under Mirco Demuro in the Hanshin muddy course.
Mirco Demuro chased heavy favorite Kitasan Black and then got past him in the mid-stretch to quicken into front. Demuro said, "The ground was all on him. He had a great run in the stretch."
He won it by a 3/4-length from Gold Actor, who made a good last effort on the inside. Another 1 1/2-length behind, Mikki Queen came third with Sciacchetra fourth and Rainbow Line fifth.
Kitasan Black stalked the pace at third place, but failed to fire in the stretch to finish a disappointing ninth.
The race was run in 2 minutes 11.40 seconds over 2,200 meters.
Satono Crown, owned by H.Satomi and trained by N.Hori, has now won seven of his 14 races with more than 571 million jpn yen in career earnings.
Northern Racing was the breeder of Satono Crown, a 5-year-old dark by horse by Marju out of Jioconda, by Rossini.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Kitasan Black heads in 2017 Takarazuka Kinen

Multiple g1 winner Kitasan Black, who scored a couple of g1 victories with Tenno Sho Spring for his latest effort this season, heads a field of 11 horses in the Takarazuka Kinen at Hanshin Racecourse. Public bettors are likely to give him a lot of supports. 
The possible upsetters are: Cheval Grand, Sciacchetra and Satono Crown.
The Takarazuka Kinen will be run on Sunday, June 25.
The field for the grade one 2,200-meter race is: 

1-Mikki Rocket, 4c, Ryuji Wada
2-Gold Actor, 6h, Norihiro Yokoyama
3-Spirits Minoru, 5h, Hideaki Miyuki
4-Clarity City, 6h, Kohei Matsuyama
5-Cheval Grand, 5h, Yuichi Fukunaga
6-Sciacchetra, 4c, Christophe Lemaire
7-Rainbow Line, 4c, Yasunari Iwata
8-Mikki Queen, 5m, Suguru Hamanaka
9-Hit the Target, 9h, Yuga Kawada
10-Kitasan Black, 5h, Yutaka Take
11-Satono Crown, 5h, Mirco Demuro

Other than Mikki Queen(56 kgs), all starters carry 58 kgs.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

2017 Takarazuka Kinen nominations

11 horses have been nominated to the grade one Takarazuka Kinen for 3-year-olds and upwards.
The nominations include Kitasan Black, Sciacchetra, Cheval Grand, Satono Crown and Mikki Queen.
The Takarazuka Kinen will be run on Sunday, June 25 at Hanshin Racecourse over 2,200 meters on turf.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunrise Nova romps Unicorn Stakes

Having run off the pace early on, Sunrise Nova produced an explosive stretch run on the outside to win the Unicorn Stakes at Tokyo Racecourse on Sunday.
He won it by a decisive 4-length from Harukunno Tesoro with another 2-length back Sunrise Soar third. The final time was 1 minute 35.90 seconds over 1,600 meters on dirt. The winning rider was Keita Tosaki, who had five winners on the day.
Sunrise Nova is a 3-year-old chestnut colt by Gold Allure out of Bright Sapphire, by Thunder Gulch.

Jeune Ecole wins Hakodate Sprint in record time

Jeune Ecole, ridden by Yuichi Kitamura, strode strongly in front with about 100 meters to go in winning the grade three Hakodate Sprint Stakes at Hakodate Racecourse on Sunday. A 2 1/2-length behind, King Heart came second with another neck back Epoisses third. The winner's time was 1 minute 6.80 seconds, a record for the 1,200-meter turf course.
Jeune Ecole is a 3-year-old bay filly by Kurofune out of Luminus Point, by Agnes Tachyon.

Friday, June 16, 2017

2017 Hakodate Sprint

Hakodate Racecourse hosts the grade three Hakodate Sprint Stakes for 3yo+ on Sunday, June 18.

Seiun Kosei, who won the g1 Takamatsunomiya Kinen earlier this season, makes his first appearance on the Hakodate course. He drew post 12.
Possible other main contenders are Xmas, Jeune Ecole, Shuji and Blanc Bonheur.

The field for the 1,200-meter turf event:

1-Rinehart, 6m, 54, Genki Maruyama
2-Nobo Baccara, 5h, 57, Suguru Hamanaka
3-King Heart, 4c, 56, Yuta Nakatani
4-Epoisses, 9g, 56, Yuichi Shibayama
5-Ittetsu(IRE), 5h, 56, Syu Ishibashi
6-Xmas, 6m, 54, Masami Matsuoka
7-A Shin Bullseye(USA), 6h, 56, Hayato Yoshida
8-Jeune Ecole, 3f, 50, Yuichi Kitamura
9-Levante Lion(USA), 3c, 52, Masayoshi Ebina
10-Shuji, 4c, 56, Yutaka Take
11-Hokko Sara Star, 6m, 54, Kenichi Ikezoe
12-Seiun Kosei, 4c, 56, Hideaki Miyuki
13-Blanc Bonheur, 4f, 54, Yasunari Iwata

2017 Unicorn Stakes

Rieno Tesoro(USA), runner-up in the g1 NHK Mile Cup last outing, switches back to dirt surface when she lineups in the grade three Unicorn Stakes for 3yo at Tokyo Racecourse.
The main opponents to Rieno Tesoro could be: Sunrise Nova, Shigeru Bengaltora and Sunrise Soar.
The Unicorn Stakes will be run on Sunday, June 18.

The field for the 1,600-meter dirt race is:

1-Shigeru Kong, c, Takuya Kowata
2-Harukunno Tesoro, c, Hironobu Tanabe
3-Bullbear Baboon, c, Manabu Sakai
4-Rieno Tesoro(USA), f, Takuya Ono
5-Savvy, c, Yusuke Fujioka
6-La Hulotte, f, Makoto Sugihara
7-Antinous, c, Christophe Lemaire
8-Sunrise Nova, c, Keita Tosaki
9-Shigeru Bengaltora, c, Norihiro Yokoyama
10-Sun Oakland, c, Hiroshi Kitamura
11-Tagano Cattleya, f, Yuji Hishida
12-T M Hittamage, c, Ken Tanaka
13-Water Mars, c, Ryo Takakura
14-Tropical Spurt, f, Kyosuke Maruta
15-Sunrise Soar, c, Tsubasa Iwasaki
16-Tora Neko, c, Yutaka Yoshida
Weight: 56 kgs, filly allowed 2 kgs.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dashing Blaze(USA) gains Epsom C victory

Dashing Blaze(USA) held a good position to take the Epsom Cup at Tokyo Racecourse on Sunday. Suguru Hamanaka forced Dashing Blaze to take an inside pathway in the stretch before getting up to the winning post. A 1/2-length behind, race favorite Astra Emblem was second with another nose back Meiner Honey third. The winner completed the 1,800-meter distance in 1 minute 45.90 seconds on firm ground.
Dashing Blaze is an American-bred 5-year-old chestnut horse by Kitten's Joy out of Blazing Bliss, by Honour and Glory.

Maximum de Paris takes Mermaid S

Maximum de Paris, ridden by Yusuke Fujioka, hit a lead at the stretch entrance and held on to win the Mermaid Stakes at Hanshin Racecourse on Sunday. The strong late running Queen's Milagro came just too late to finish second, a 3/4-length behind. Another nose back Earthrise was third. The race was in 1 minute 59.50 seconds over 2,000 meters on firm ground.
Maximum de Paris is a 5-year-old grey mare by King Kamehameha out of Mlle de Paris, by Sunday Silence.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Sunday's Epsom Cup at Tokyo

A total of 18 horses have been entered for the grade three Epsom Cup on Sunday, June 11 at Tokyo Racecourse.

Taisei Summit, winner of the May Stakes, drew post 14. Astra Emblem, runner-up in the May Stakes, drew post 10. Clarity Sky, winner of the 2015 NHK Mile Cup, drew post 13. Denko Ange, runner-up in the Victoria Mile, drew post 6.

The field for the 1,800-meter turf race is:

1-Meiner Milano, 7h, 58, Yuji Tannai
2-Fluky, 7h, 58, Hiroshi Kitamura
3-Birdie Eagle, 7h, 56, Yutaka Yoshida
4-Historical, 8h, 57, Norihiro Yokoyama
5-Comfy, 8h, 56, Hayato Yoshida
6-Denko Ange, 4f, 54, Masayoshi Ebina
7-Meiner Honey, 4c, 56, Daichi Shibata
8-Tosen Reve, 9h, 57, Yukito Ishikawa
9-Clarity Sky, 5h, 56, Hironobu Tanabe
10-Astra Emblem, 4c, 56, Mirco Demuro
11-Beruf, 5h, 56, Takuya Ono
12-Dashing Blaze(USA), 5h, 56, Suguru Hamanaka
13-Clarity City, 6h, 56, Yuga Kawada
14-Taisei Summit, 4c, 56, Keita Tosaki
15-Paddle Wheel, 6h, 56, Keinchi Ikezoe
16-Meadowlark, 6h, 56, Syu Ishibashi
17-Red Raven(USA), 7h, 56, Hiroyuki Uchida
18-Nasuno Seikan, 5h, 56, Genki Maruyama

Hanshin's Sunday main event: Memaid Stakes

Hashin Racecourse hosts the grade three Mermaid Stakes for fillies and mares.
The possible leading contenders are Tosen Victory, Queen's Milagro, Maximum de Paris, Biche and Earthrise.

The field for the 2,000-meter race is:

1 Earthrise, 5m, 54, Yuta Nakatani
2-Bangor, 5m, 51, Kiwamu Ogino
3-Primera Azul, 5m, 51, Manabu Sakai
4-Queen's Milagro, 5m, 54, Hideaki Miyuki
5-Tosen Victory, 5m, 56, Yutaka Take
6-Kinsho Yukihime, 4f, 51, Shinichiro Akiyama
7-Lethal Weapon, 6m, 49, Ryo Takakura
8-Rose Whisper, 4f, 51, Yuichi Kitamura
9-Hatsugatsuo, 6m, 49, Ken Tanaka
10-Maximum de Paris, 5m, 55, Yusuke Fujioka
11-Biche, 4f, 55, Yuichi Fukunaga
12-Shonan Birkin, 7m, 50, Fuma Matsuwaka

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Satono Aladdin storms home thrilling Yasuda Kinen

Satono Aladdin, riddeby by Yuga Kawada, won the Yasuda Kinen in coming-from-behind fashion at Tokyo Racecourse on Sunday.
Soon after turning for home, Kawada brought Satono Aladdin out to make a clear run on the outside. He was going strong to just get up in the nick of time. 
Logotype led the field of 18 to finish second, a neck behind. Another neck behind, Red Falx was third with Greater London fourth and Air Spinel fifth. The race was run in 1 minute 31.50 seconds over 1,600 meters on firm ground.
Satono Aladdin, trained by Y. Ikee and owned by H. Satomi, has now won eight of his 25 races with more than 423 million jpn yen in career earnings.
Northern Farm was the breeder of Satono Aladdin, a 6-year-old bay horse by Deep Impact out of Magic Storm, by Storm Cat.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Stay in Seattle leads all the way in Naruo

Stay in Seattle led the field of 10 and went all the way to win the grade three Naruo Kinen on Saturday at Hanshin Racecourse.
A neck behind, Smart Layer was second with another 1 3/4-length back Meiner Frost third. Yutaka Take guided the winner to complete the 2,000-meter trip in 1 minute 59.40 seconds on firm ground.
Stay in Seattle, who has now won five of his 10 races, is a 6-year-old dark bay horse by Stay Gold out of Seattle Sunset, by Belong to Me.

Friday, June 02, 2017

Field of 2017 Naruo Kinen

Saturday, June 3 sees the Naruo Kinen for 4-year-olds and upwards at Hanshin Racecourse.
The possible leading horses are Smart Layer, Bandwagon, Suzuka Devious and Stay in Seattle.
The field for the grade three 2,000-meter race is:

1-Last Impact, 7h, 56, Hirofumi Shii
2-Spirits Minoru, 5h, 56, Hideaki Miyuki
3-Meiner Frost, 6h, 56, Yuji Tannai
4-Suzuka Devious, 6h, 56, Norihiro Yokoyama
5-Bandwagon, 6h, 56, Christophe Lemaire
6-Denim and Ruby, 7m, 54, Yuichi Fukunaga
7-Red Solomon, 5h, 56, Yasunari Iwata
8-Smart Layer, 7m, 54, Mirco Demuro
9-Stay in Seattle, 6h, 56, Yutaka Take
10-Musee Alien, 5g, 56, Kohei Matsuyama

Field set for 2017 Yasuda Kinen

A total of 18 horses have been entered for the Yasuda Kinen to be run on Sunday, June 4 at Tokyo Racecourse.
Isla Bonita, who has been running well at the grade level with Milers Cup victory in his latest effort, drew post 15.
Air Spinel, having shown good performances at 1,600 meters this season, drew post 8.
Greater London, coming here with five wins in a row, faces the grade company for the first time and breaks from post 7.
Staphanos, second in the g1 Osaka Hai, drew post 18. Ambitious, fifth in the Osaka Hai, drew post 4. 

Hong Kong entries are Contentment(AUS) and Beauty Only(IRE), who drew post 5 and 12 respectively.

The field for the grade one 1,600-meter event is:

1-Talking Drum, 7h, Syu Ishibashi
2-Decipher, 8h, Hirofumi Shii
3-Sunrise Majorm, 8h, Kenichi Ikezoe
4-Ambitious, 5h, Norihiro Yokoyama
5-Contentment(AUS), 7g, Joao Moreira
6-Red Falx, 6h, Mirco Demuro
7-Greater London, 5h, Yuichi Fukunaga
8-Air Spinel, 4c, Yutaka Take
9-Longing Dancer, 8h, Kazuo Yokoyama
10-Clarente, 8h, Yasunari Iwata
11-Black Spinel, 4c, Kohei Matsuyama
12-Beauty Only(IRE), 6g, Zachary Purton
13-Logi Chalice, 5h, Hiroyuki Uchida
14-Satono Aladdin, 6h, Yuga Kawada
15-Isla Bonita, 6h, Christophe Lemaire
16-Logotype, 7h, Hironobu Tanabe
17-Young Man Power, 5h, Masami Matsuoka
18-Staphanos, 6h, Keita Tosaki
All starters carry 58 kgs.